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19th Annual Karnataka Conference

26 Jul 2016, by Team IBA in Conferences

19th Annual Karnataka Conference, ISACA Bangalore Chapter

Theme: Digital India – GRC Challenges

Date: 23rd and 24th July 2016

Students of IBA along with Prof. Buchi Babu M participated in the 19th Annual Karnataka Conference of ISACA Bangalore Chapter. The 2 day event was inaugurated in the presence of the Chief Guest, Justice Talwant Singh. The theme for this year’s event was “Digital India- GRC Challenges”. Many speakers from various organizations expressed their thoughts and opinions on the digital evolution that has captured our country in the recent years. Ms. Deepa Seshadri talked on Digital India – Future of Securities. She shared various security and data governance challenges and highlighted the 3 Visions and 9 Pillars of the Digital India Campaign. On the grounds of privacy issues, she criticized the UIDAI Initiative and warned against the issues arising as a by-product. She also emphasized on Skill enhancement and mentioned that having a Ferrari and knowing to drive one are 2 very different things.

Mr. Sajit Rehman talked on protection of digital enterprises. He shared various challenges which are associated with traditional data security and suggested FPE i.e. Format Preserving Encryption and tokenization as a solution and drew attention towards cyber-attacks which happen through the application layer.

There was also a panel discussion on “Women in IT in the context of Digital India”. Ms. Vinita Singh, Ms. Uma Rani and Ms. Vidya Rajarao were the panelists and Ms. Deepa Seshadri was the moderator. Various problems which women are facing in organizations and various facilities offered to them were discussed. Ms. Uma Rani shared 5 things women must do i.e. speak up, stand up, look up, help others up and don’t give up.

Mr. E. Narasimhan talked on “Digital India – GRC Framework-Macro to Micro Perspective.” He shared the various micro and macro challenges and talked on security issues related with the cyber world. He also talked on GRC Frameworks-International vs. India, COSO, COBIT, ISO 27001-a security solution, IT Act 2002, and regulatory framework In India. He also focused on sample areas to be assessed-GRC to IFC.

Mr. Bharath Panchal talked on risk and compliance in digital world of banking. He spoke about organization in the banking sector, especially how ATMs have reached the rural India. He emphasized that technology has to be trusted but the entire payment system has to be re-evaluated. Security breaches using podcasts must be taken seriously to protect privacy and also warned us against card cloning.

Mr. Ananth Kumar spoke about Monitoring and how the softwares that are developed to enhance team work and efficiency, can also be used to commit frauds, hence raising a question on the ethics of such softwares.


Mr. Sajai Singh gave the session a new angle of E-Governance, Legality, and Awareness of this legality that is much needed by the common man. He pointed out the fact that cybercrime has no bounds, hence making it difficult to hold someone accountable. He also explained the concept of CCTPCertified Counter Terrorism Practitioner, and the steps being taken to counter cybercrimes, so that before winning the war outside, we can win the battle brewing inside our own technical infrastructure.

It was a great learning experience for the students where they got to know the importance of Cybersecurity, monitoring of activities for security purposes and how the legal documentations can help in improving cyber security. It also enriched their knowledge on the fact about India being the 2nd largest internet and smart phone user, and how the dream of digital India could be made successful. Overall, it was a very enlightening conference that shed light upon the real and practical issues challenging the Digital India Campaign.



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