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Cultural Symbols

The Omega Circle


Omega Circle at IBA BangaloreDeveloped by Dr. Subhash Sharma, Omega Circle represents the 360 degree approach at looking issues, i.e. to take a holistic view of the situation. If one draws different lines in a circle, one gets many ‘Ts’. The ‘Ts’ represents truth, and if one stand at one point in a circle, he/she will see only that version of truth. But to get a holistic picture, one has to travel along the circle and look at different Ts, i.e. Truth. In corporate context, it symbolizes at looking things from a larger perspective and then handling the complex business problems.


IBA Flag


IBA flag has three colors, viz. Saffron, Red & Green. Saffron represents Perfection and in corporate context it represents the good governance. Red represents the Responsibility i.e. the students must develop a sense of responsibility towards the society, nature, and environment. In the corporate context, it represents the CSR. Green represents Growth & Prosperity – the overall development of students coming to IBA. In Corporate context, it represents the Profit.


3D Center


Students at IBA are encouraged to develop 3D approach to learning .i.e. Discussion, Dialogue and Discourse approach. To facilitate the same, IBA has designed 3D centers where students can discuss and debate on case studies, presentations etc.


Hope Day & Development Day


IBA Bangalore celebrates HOPE Day every year on 20th August, commemorating the starting of the First Program on that day in 2001 in the Bangalore Campus. HOPE implies ‘Higher Order Purpose of Existence’. IBA Greater Noida celebrates DEVELOPMENT Day EVERY YEAR ON 30TH July, commemorating the starting of the First Program on that day in 2006 in the Greater Noida Campus. IBA Song Step-by-Step captures the essence of Hope and Development as the Two Driving Forces for the success of IBA Students.



There is a tradition of planting tree by every visitor to IBA Campus.Steps-Or-Trees
There are around 50 trees in the campus planted by different eminent personalities from the corporate and academic field and they have become an important symbol of growth in the campus. Trees, according to our Dean Dr. Subhash Sharma, represent the GDP i.e. Growth, Development and Progress. When these trees will grow, it will symbolize the GDP of the person who has planted it.



Steps at IBA represent Step by Step approach to success and are also represented by IBA song written by Dr. Subhash Sharma. (Source: Arrows of time, 2001, Pg. no. 84)

Step by step: Song of Success

Step by step, And step by step,

We climb the mountain, Step by step,

Step by step and step by step,

We go the moon, And take a new step,

Step by step and step by step,

We make a quantum jump, And take a new step,

Step by step and step by step,

We achieve the success, And move ahead,

Step by step and step by step,

We move ahead, We move ahead,

Step by step and step by step,

Step by step and step by step.

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