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Archish 2009

02 Mar 2009, by Team IBA in Archish

Archish 09’ the first ever annual National Management Fest  held at Indian Business Academy, Bangalore, on 27th & 28th February, 2009 saw participation from more than 25 different Colleges, vying for the coveted prize of being the Best Management College.

Archish’ which signifies a beam of light, reflects the focus of attention on new  corpo rate awakening influenced by new management thought, social discourse, concerns and issues related to current corporate functioning and importance of social and environmental responsibility. To go in tandem with the changing market equilibrium, the Theme was carefully chosen by the organizing committee as ‘Maya-the illusion’.

The Chief Guest of the opening day ceremony was presided by Mr. V V Kumar, Member of Central Board of Excise & Custom and Additional Secretary to the Government of India Ministry of Finance (Retd.). He emphasized the need for good governance in the corporate world. He also released the book, Market’s Maya: Lotus Millionaires from New Madhushala, written by Dr. Subhash Sharma, Dean – IBA Bangalore. Dr. Sharma in his address explained the concept of lotus millionaires as individuals who become millionaire through professional expertise based on knowledge factor.

The day’s event started with the Ice-breaking Event (PRARAMBH), where participants got the opportunity to showcase their latent skills & come out with some brilliant creative ideas to enchant the audience. Finally, students from   various colleges had the opportunity to fist each other out in the various Events, amidst a strong sense of healthy competitiveness which pervaded in the air. The winner of this event was SDM-IMD, Mysore

‘SAARTHI’, the Best Management Consultant was a unique way of judging the whole-sole capability of a person, through a comprehensive grilling duration of 16 rounds. It tested the emotional & physical endurance of a person to check, how far a person can tolerate the vagaries of intensive real life situations & emerge as a true leader. The best management consultant was Ms. Dimple from MATS Institute of Management & Entrepreneurship, Bangalore.

‘SAHYOG’, the H.R. Event tested the patience & co-cooperativeness of individuals to work together in teams, to overcome problems. A total of 15 teams participated in this Event which had 5 Rounds in total, encompassing all the horizontals of H.R. The best part of the event, according to students was the real–life simulation exercise, where teams got chance to be in the hot-seat as a recruiter to recruit others. The first place in this event was bagged by SDM-IMD, Mysore.

‘SAMPARK’, the Marketing Event had the participants reeling under pressure to think of innovative ways to sell various products. The participants from various colleges had unique hands on experience to fight each other out, to emerge as the best Marketer. The first place in this event was bagged by SDM-IMD, Mysore.

 ‘MELA’, the Retailing Round conducted a total of 4 Rounds which tested the participants on online quizzing, case analysis & an interesting task of preparing models on any retail format. The models of various teams were hugely appreciated by all the judges & students alike. The first place in this event was bagged by SDM-IMD, Mysore.

‘DRISHTHI’, the Business Plan had the Theme on ‘Investment Opportunity in Turbulent Times’. It adjudged the participants on their budding entrepreneurial skills & the Business Model prepared with regard to revenue, financial & operations, in the back-drop of a growing movement towards Corporate Social Responsibility & Environmental Friendliness. Participants were judged on their ideas, creativity and feasibility. The winner of this event was IBA, Greater Noida.

‘LAKSHYA, the Business Quiz tested the team’s knowledge in Business ranging from current affairs to history, Indian scenarios to international events, and across the spectrum of the industry and sectors. The semi finals and the Finals were hosted by Quiz master Mr. Sidhartha Banerjee whose witty talks held the audience’s attention throughout the entire event. The audience also got its share of some wacky facts on top of some exciting gifts for answering questions. The winner of this Quiz contest was ISBR, Bangalore.

 ‘SAMPADA’, the Finance event was all about testing the knowledge and command over everything related to wealth and finance. The event consisted of five rounds which tested the participant’s skills in hard-core finance. The USP of this event was a simulation round, where participants had to trade the shares on the news displayed and also among themselves. Another interesting thing of this event was the fact that participants had to develop a new financial product, completely from scratch. This was extremely appreciated by the judges. The winner of this event was SDM-IMD, Mysore.

 ‘PRARUP’, the Systems event had 4 rounds in total which checked the participants from online quiz to web designing. The interesting part of this round was the Movie making by each team, on the topic-“IT in the time of recession”. Judges were extremely pleased with the kind of qualitative videos that all the Teams made in this event. The winner of this event was SDM-IMD, Mysore.

SANSKRITI, the cultural night programme was the biggest crowd puller, with Teams from various colleges participating in the Fashion Show (Ada) & Dance (Natraj). The dance programme was judged by George & Preeta (choreographers cum dancers) from GPD entertainment along with Mr. Kevin Fernandes from IBA, Bangalore. The first prize in this event was won by ISME. Other than this there were two host performances, one to start the event which was contemporary and the other in Western format, which was well appreciated by students & teachers alike.

Overall, ‘Archish 09’, provided a platform for all the participants to perform at the level best & showcase their abilities to explore ‘MAYA’ The most unique thing about this Fest was that in spite of being conducted for the 1st time in Bangalore, it saw tremendous response from the student fraternity, backed by Industry Experts. Most importantly, students got a chance to explore the new domains of creativity and logical reasoning and experience the joyous plethora of learning, blending perfectly – academic, cultural events and management games.


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