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Best Manager

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‘Coinone’ is the cryptocurrency exchange company leading in markets because of its innovative tools and technology to drive the top cryptocurrency worldwide. Exactly like the leading factor of ‘Coinone’, the Best Manager vertical of ‘Archish’ 2k18 is driven by zeal, commitment while maintaining a systematic way of following that passion. Best Manager round tests the skills of the future leader. This year’s Best Manager has in store quite a lot of twists and turns which will test your patience, imagination, management skills and leave you with some unforgettable memories. Survival through a nexus of most challenging rounds will only tell what mettle you behold. A two days event, a battle with some of the best brains across the country and a wrangling way up the ladder to victory is all it takes to dig out the Best Manager this year.
Being a one man army, tough attitude, optimism and ruling out eat & sleep to defeat the competitor is known as the Best Manager. Winning the respective parent round is not a habit because of its non-predictableness. It’s a crown which is achievable through hard determination.

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