• Group logo of Ad making (Liqui)

    Ad making (Liqui)

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    Every Jack finds his Jill. And you might find that in the Ad-Making Vertical (Liqui) of Archish 2K18. As you may find your Jill to be screenwriting, commercial directing, fine art and much more. It’s time to be C […]

  • Group logo of Coinone (Best Manager)

    Coinone (Best Manager)

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    ‘Coinone’ is the cryptocurrency exchange company leading in markets because of its innovative tools and technology to drive the top cryptocurrency worldwide. Exactly like the leading factor of ‘Coinone’, the Bes […]

  • Group logo of BINANCE (FINANCE)


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    Finance vertical has been one of the most important part of Archish for last 10 years. The status-quo of the economy and the dynamic role of finance connected with it causes the emergence of the new stable […]

  • Group logo of (Business Analytics) (Business Analytics)

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    Nowadays, the business world is facing a massive disruption where certain companies rely on Business Analytics in order to streamline their processes and majorly to sustain in the market for a longer run. So, […]

  • Group logo of Korbit (Treasure Hunt)

    Korbit (Treasure Hunt)

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    Treasure Hunt is something which drives people out of the world of theories and definitions of academics towards the macrocosm of activities. This Vertical is all about having loads of fun through involvement in […]

  • Group logo of GDAX (CULTURAL )


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    A ‘Cultural Event’ is any art / performance / lecture / nonsporting event that expands the students’ ethical and cultural perspectives.The cultural event requirement functions to expose each stude […]

  • Group logo of OKEX (B-Quiz)

    OKEX (B-Quiz)

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    A Business quiz gives people with a fun and interactive experience for everyone it’s a great learning tool that enhances their experience by Brainstorming or mind sport. It is a fun-filled activity which is made f […]

  • Group logo of Bitflyer (Photography)

    Bitflyer (Photography)

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    This vertical focuses on finding talented people in photography. The main aim is to encourage them and put them into the lights of future. Capturing the right frame and clicking the precious moment is very […]

  • Group logo of COINBASE (E-commerce & Retail)

    COINBASE (E-commerce & Retail)

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    No industry can run without a mastermind being involved
    And no business can run without being mindful
    In order to gain this expertise and be a mastermind behind your business, come and be a part of […]

  • Group logo of Gate Coin (B-Plan)

    Gate Coin (B-Plan)

    Private Group / 1 member / Active 10 months ago

    Entrepreneurship is no longer the unconventional way of business. A B-plan is the perfect blend of an idea, resources and execution, for without one, the other is futile. The age of start-ups is now the era of […]



    Private Group / 8 members / Active 10 months ago

    On the occasion of 10th ARCHISH we are proudly introducing new vertical Business Conglomerate. It deals with all the branches of Management. The prime objective of Business Conglomerate is to provide a strong […]

  • Group logo of Poloniex (Marketing Vertical)

    Poloniex (Marketing Vertical)

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    “If I asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses”
    – Henry Ford
    How do you market yourself? Do you work on people’s needs or induce needs with breakthrough marketing?

    If you belie […]

  • Group logo of WEX (HUMAN RESOURCE)


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    Human Resource-Heartbeat of an organisation, binding various department to produce fruitful results. It is all about meeting business needs through managing organisation’s most valuable resources-Employees. […]

  • Group logo of KraKen (Operations)

    KraKen (Operations)

    Private Group / 4 members / Active 10 months ago

    Operations vertical is all about bringing out the talent of the management students in the area of operations. This vertical not only tests the expertise in the subject but also aims at providing ultimate fun in […]