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Student Clubs

At IBA, Bangalore, learning not only happens in the classroom but also through the activities organized by the various student clubs. Every specialization has it’s own club. Every year these clubs become the catalyst for enhancing subject knowledge through workshops, games, quizzes, presentations, guest lectures etc. Student clubs in IBA are managed entirely by students.

Barcodes –  The Retail Club


barcodes IBABarcodes is the Retail Club at IBA. It was started by batch 07-09 and since then their legacy has been carried forward by the subsequent batches. Club conducts activities on Retail sector like Sessions by eminent personalities from the corporate world, Webinars, Jargons session etc. Barcodes is among one of the few clubs at IBA that have managed to invite live projects for students on their own. One of the more remarkable events that the club has conceptualized is the event “WARCODES” – “A War between Connoisseurs”. The event is an inter club competition in which participants are asked to work on the launch a product and present their work and ideas with the aid of PowerPoint, Video or by act.


Navigator – The Finance Club


The Finance clubs at IBA holds regular meetings that strengthen the students’ knowledge in the field of Capital Markets, Securities, Derivatives and Finance on the whole. In the past they have organised lectures on topics like Economic Fundamentals, Past & Present Foreign Exchange arrangements, Foreign Direct Investment etc. among others. A series of presentations on Financial Markets, Equity Markets and Debt & Money markets have also been taken. Once every year Navigators also take a session of their Stock Market – Stockmania that helps students to realise how the Stock Market functions day-to-day, how the bidding takes place on the floor, impact of various industry related news etc.


Cosmos – The Business Quiz Club


Cosmos – Business Quiz club of IBA, Bangalore started in 2005 by the students of 2004-06 batch with the fact that when all the clubs are focusing on specialization knowledge, there should be a student body to enhance the overall Business acumen of a student. Conducting quizzes in various forms increases General awareness, business spectrum & on domain subject knowledge. The COSMOS (Business Quiz) Club of IBA, Bangalore, encourages the spirit of quizzing and creates a thirst for knowledge. It prepares teams for participation in various competitions. Along with these, COSMOS creates awareness on various issues and current updates. COSMOS conducts several sessions for students which creates a spark in their mind and encourages them to develop their knowledge further.


Infinit – The IT Club


Infin’IT is the Information Technology club Of IBA started in the year 2004. Infin’IT Club is only club which provides certification courses to students and its club members. We help the students gain skills which will make them more technologically effective and employable. We support in setting up and maintaining systems and networks for various IBA projects. The Club also supports the faculty with technology as a part of the curriculum and outside the curriculum enabling them to perform their functions effectively. So we are going to publish news letter every month from this year and bring you some interesting articles and news


Hunterz Ignite – The Marketing Club


The Marketing Club of IBA is a student oriented club for those who share a passion for marketing, for those who are creative and for those who dare to be different. Managed by a group of 14 students along with a faculty mentor Hunterz Ignite is a platform that aids the making of Marketing as an interesting subject and brings related topics beyond the horizons of textbooks. The club focuses at providing exposure to the marketing brains with situations aimed at easing their path en route becoming a successful marketer. The logo of the club signifies the same as well – just focus and hunt down your target.


Spandan – The HR Club


The HR club was started with focus on providing the best guidance for HR management in terms of capability, visibility, responsiveness & self-actualization. The club provides a whole lot of opportunities to students by challenging them with debates, quizzes, group discussions, role plays, resume writing sessions, mock interviews. Spandan believes in culling out the best of the best to win laurels for IBA.


Dolphins – The Communications Club


“Communication is highly personal, therefore clarity is a benchmark and the ability to trust and tune into various frames of reference is a threshold for communication.” The Dolphins, envisages teaching and training the members with soft skills for effective interaction at the intra and inter-personal and institutional levels in the changing corporate environment. At the dolphins, the members are given the opportunity to become who they actually are, their true awesome self. The club functions with the objective of creating awareness of the basic skills of communication to enhance performance & personality levels.


OM – The Operations Club


The first thing that comes to everyone’s mind thinking about OM with reference to management is Operations Management. Yes, the club is very much related to Operations Management but here however, OM actually stands for “Opportunities Magnified”.  OM club was launched in the year 2008 and since then it has undergone quite a few changes. It was started with the motive of bringing something new on the table, knowledge beyond what was taught in the classrooms. OM now focuses on creating and magnifying the opportunities around us and generating more value for its members. It will help its members in identifying the complexities that one comes across during management education and make it simpler to navigate across.


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