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smart cities

Smart Cities – Hubs for Progress

18.08.2014 in Blog

The Union Budget 2014 has announced a whopping sum of Rs.7060 crore for the development of 100 Smart Cities. This is to counter the pace of migration from rural areas to the cities. By the year 2050, the urban population the world over is projected…


Importance of Statistics for Managers

05.06.2014 in Blog

Modern business management is more a Science than an Art. Ever increasing global competition mandates business managers to address uncertainty by using scientific methods and be Objective decision makers. Forecasting, planning, organizing and decision making; some of the key activities of a manager intend better…


Finance Leadership

30.05.2014 in Blog

Finance Leadership is Important Finance underpins everything which is done on day to day basis, so it is of paramount importance to find and nurture future financial leaders now, who have the potential and determination to make a real time difference with necessary skill sets…

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Leadership and Heroism

25.05.2014 in Blog

Everyone is a leader, and everyone is leading all the time, which sprung within, well or poorly. Aspiring for leadership– big or small- is a basic trait of a human being, which brings emotional satisfaction. Youth, in the age group of 18 to 25 would…

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negative emotions

Emotional Openness Key to Happiness

20.05.2014 in Blog

Nobody wants to be a follower, but everybody wants to be a leader because of emotional satisfaction derived being a leader. Emotional openness is a fundamental attribute in satisfaction; hence satisfaction should be inclusive of emotion and not just cognitive. Negative emotions have stronger effect…

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fancy designations

Age of Fancy Designations

14.05.2014 in Blog

We are in an age where the designations have turned fancy and in some cases, wacky. Global as well as Indian companies are increasingly tearing down old designations and anointing new ones. “While the standard routes of promotions, bonuses and out of turn increments can…


Eveready Industries – Can They Recharge Their Future?

21.04.2014 in Blog

Is the power discharged in Eveready Industries? Well, last few years’ financials say so. A hundred years’ expertise in the portable battery business isn’t just enough for it to carry on for another decade; but changing with the changing digital requirements of customers is. Eveready’s…

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market segmentation

Macaulayism and Lessons in Marketing from the British Raj

15.04.2014 in Blog

The virtue and risk of segmentation We have heard of the saying, “Divide and Rule.” In Marketing, we call it segmentation, wherein we break up our target market by Demographics (who we are), Attitudes (What we think and believe) and Behaviour (What we do). Segmentation…


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