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Bangalore Sustainability Forum

Bangalore Sustainability Forum at IBA Bangalore

The inception of Bangalore Sustainability Forum @ IBA Bangalore (BSF @ IBA) was in July 2014. The idea of having a Sustainability forum at IBA Bangalore originated during a discussion between Dr. Subhash Sharma, Director – IBA Bangalore and Prof. Narendra Babu, Faculty of Marketing – IBA Bangalore. This idea was presented by Prof. Narendra Babu in a faculty meeting held on 11th July 2014 and was discussed by the faculty members. Dr. Subhash Sharma suggested that the Sustainability forum should be named as Bangalore Sustainability forum @ IBA Bangalore (BSF @ IBA).

BSF@IBA derives influence from Dr. Subhash Sharma’s “New Earth Shastra” and “Western Windows and Eastern Doors”. The forum intends to spread and promote the concepts of sustainability & holistic living. BSF @ IBA is located at Indus Business academy, Thataguni post, Kanakapura road, Lakshmipura, Bangalore-62, India.


Mentor: Dr. Subhash Sharma, Director – IBA Bangalore.

Patron: Prof. Manish Jain, CEO – IBA Bangalore

Forum Coordinator: Prof. Narendra Babu, Faculty of Marketing – IBA Bangalore

Founding Members: IBA Faculty and Staff, Students of 13-15 batch and Students of 14-16 batch

Core committee members

Dr. Subhash Sharma, Director – IBA Bangalore.

Prof. Manish Jain, CEO – IBA Bangalore

Prof. Suresh Chandra, Faculty of Operations & Statistics – IBA Bangalore

Prof. Narendra Babu, Faculty of Marketing – IBA Bangalore

The core committee will also comprise of 2 student representatives each from the senior batch as well as the junior batch.

Vision, Mission, Initiatives & Activities

Vision Statement

To create a better world around us for today and for future by finding solutions to environmental, economic and social challenges that are more pressing today than ever before. We strive to cultivate a dynamic & motivated community that could inculcate sustainability & holistic living to the society today as well as for future.

Mission Statement

BSF@IBA intends to be a leader on environmental and social issues to promote action and awareness through educational and research activities.

BSF@IBA statement of commitment towards sustainability

Members of Bangalore Sustainability Forum @ IBA Bangalore are committed to taking a leadership role as responsible stewards of the physical environment and to using educational and research activities to promote sustainability and holistic living. This commitment includes:

  1. Protecting and enhancing the campus environment
  2. Minimizing the use of toxic substances and handling wastes responsibly
  3. Conserving natural resources through their sustainable use
  4. Significantly reduce GHG emissions
  5. Create awareness towards social responsibility through discussion, dialogue and discourse.
  6. Collaborate with a diverse network on issues related to sustainability to fulfill the mission of BSF@IBA.

We are making this commitment because:

  1. Our commitment serves as the foundation of a system to assess, prioritize and implement sustainability initiatives.
  2. As a leading business school, IBA recognizes its responsibility towards its students, society, industry, and stake holders to offer a business education that has sustainability built into the systems to create knowledge.

Defining goals

Realistic and measurable goals are necessary for ensuring real progress towards sustainability & holistic development. These goals will require connecting sustainability & holistic living to daily actions. BSF @ IBA aims at bringing about a new paradigm by implementing sustainable practices on and off campus, as well as contributing towards knowledge creation through research and dialogical workshops on sustainability & holistic development.


BSF@IBA has the following initiatives towards defining goals and the mission statement.

  1. Water, Energy and Waste management.
  2. Optimization in operational processes, transportation & land use.
  3. Responsibility towards pressing social challenges.
  4. Academics & Learning


  1. Green campus walk & nature walk.
  2. Workshops /Interactions with scholars and Industry experts.
  3. Student activities / Member activities
  4. Research / Knowledge creation

BSF@IBA intends to publish an annual report with a goal of documenting its experiences.

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