IBA Bengaluru is 19th among the 42 B-Schools (out of 5000+ B-Schools in India) to get an International Accreditation By iacbe

Centers of Excellence

3D LearningAre lectures monologues or dialogues? At IBA we have developed our centers of excellence that facilitate learning through case studies, interactive sessions, workshops, seminars and presentations. This is the traditional method followed across most institutions. Some have innovated with Guest faculty who give a firsthand experience of the happenings in the corporate world, so that the students can remain updated of the recent developments. It is becoming imperative for B-Schools for effectively combining tradition with modernity and innovates.

IBA has been a pioneer in developing its own unique models which gives a direction to the students and develops the curriculum depending on its core values. The overall set up has been futuristic with features of intelligence building that will be cumulative effect of Technology with knowledge partners (faculties from India and abroad) from across the globe. India is a country of culture and is well connected with the Management Education at IBA through various centers of excellence.

3D Approach to Learning

IBA’s has its unique ‘Osmotic Learning Model’ which is 3D (Discussion, Dialogue and Discourse) model of learning, it aims at making students future CEO (Creative, Enlightened & Organic) leaders.

To facilitate the same, IBA has designed 3D Center where students can discuss and debate on case studies, presentations, group assignments etc.

IBA Centre for Management Research

IBA is committed to development of its own intellectual capital. In this endeavour, it has established IBA Centre for Management Research. This centre promotes management research through ‘IBA Knowledge Family’ consisting of its core and visiting faculty as well as scholars from other institutions with interest in IBA’s research agenda and research endeavours and those practitioners who are interested in joining IBA’s research network. It has identified several research tracks for continuing research and undertakes sponsored research projects.

Strategic Research Units / Research Tracks (RT)

IBA faculty members undertake research in their areas of interest. The following are some of the Research Tracks (RTs) of contemporary relevance on which IBA faculty members are currently working :

Management Thought and Management Perspectives

Focus of this research track is on the evolution and development of management thought and its future direction in terms of many new age perspectives with respect to concept of management. This research track explores dynamic relationship between Market, Society and Self in the context of ‘holistic globalisation’.

Practical Spirituality and Human Development

Focus of this research track is on the application of the concept of spirituality in day-to-day activities with a view to improve human relationships and thereby contribute to human development. It explores the role of spirituality to create work – life balance and achieve the goal of holistic development of human beings.

Indian Business Approaches

Focus of this research track is on study of Indian Business Approaches as well as distinctiveness of Indian Business Philosophy. It also traces the development of Indian business through the ages and takes a full spectrum approach to the study of Indian business and entrepreneurship highlighting the role of ‘nano sector’, micro and medium size enterprises and the mega corporates. It also focuses on globalisation of Indian business.

Sectoral Studies : Strategic & Managerial Perspectives

Focus of this research track is on study of various sectors of economy from the strategic and managerial viewpoint. Framework of ‘Forward Engineering’ constitutes the foundation for these sectoral studies. It analyses the changing competitive advantage of various sectors of the economy and suggests the remedial actions for improving the same.

Social Transitions and Transformations

Focus of this research track is on social transitions, movements and transformations and their impact on the Corporates, Government, NGOs and other institutions in the society. It focuses on issues such as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Good Governance, Social Entrepreneurship etc.

IBA Marketing Forum

The IBA Marketing Forum was established on the 27th of November 2014, to function as a unique forum in Marketing in India by its existence through the activities it conducts; to take the Marketing ideas and innovation to national and global level to benefit the stakeholders; the students, faculty members and most importantly Indus Business Academy (IBA) itself.

Bangalore Sustainability Forum at IBA Bangalore (BSF@IBA)

The Bangalore Sustainability Forum @ IBA Bangalore (BSF @ IBA) was founded in July 2014. BSF@IBA derives influence from Dr. Subhash Sharma’s “New Earth Shastra” and “Western Windows and Eastern Doors”. The forum intends to spread and promote the concepts of sustainability & holistic living.

AIMS – IBA Centre for Management Research (IBA – CMR)

This was established in October, 2007 to give impetus to original research in Management, with collaborative participation of Indian Management scholars with IBA. Association of Indian Management Scholars (AIMS) International has lent strengthening support to this initiative through a MOU signed at Assumption University, Bangkok leading to establishment of AIMS – IBA Centre for Management Research.

Center for Spiritual Transformation (CST)

Center for Spiritual Transformation (CST) has been set up under the aegis of World Spiritual Transformation Forum. The objective of this center is to create transformation in individuals, organizations & societies through spiritual approach & spiritual world view. The aim of this transformation is to create harmonic society of harmonic institute wherein there is a corporate balance between govt., corporates & society.

Center for Electronic Govt. & Open Democracy (CEGOD)

This center aims at studying & researching the idea of e-governance in order to improve the efficiency & effectiveness of the govt. system to make it transparent, open & more democratic.

Entrepreneurship Learning & Incubation Center (ELIC)

IBA’s 6th Center of excellence, ELIC focusses on developing entrepreneurial spirit amongst the students.  ELIC’s mission is to inculcate Intrapreneurial attitude among the students. ELIC plans to collaborate with many start-ups and small businesses to help them in their business by providing IBA students.

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