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Guest Lecture – Agile Methods & Project Management

guest lecture Shivananda Chaudhary
08 Oct 2015, by Team IBA in Guest Lectures/Industry Visits

Date: 6th October 2015

Mr. Sivananda Choudhary, VP Operations – Training & Skill Development at MSS enlightened the students of IBA with an interactive session on the topic ‘Agile Methods & Project Management’.

The session started with Mr. Shivananda asking the students a various questions to get an insight about students’ awareness of the IT industry and transferable skills useful in today’s need. He stressed on the importance of Flexibility these days and how important it is in all spheres and industries since everywhere situations are managed on a project to project basis.

He advised students about the best practices in Project Management today and various new technologies that are used now to ease planning and communication errors. He emphasized that in any project, the only and the most important task a Project Manager has to do, is to assign and communicate the task well to his team. His biggest ‘headache’ must always be Communication, without which, the whole project will take a toss!

Towards the end Mr. Sivananda enlightened students of the various ways in which different industries are using concepts of project management these days and how a project manager isn’t just the requirement of IT or Manufacturing industry. As the session ended, Mr. Sivananda great luck to all the students for a bright and successful career.


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