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International Conference On Advances in Leadership and Management In Association With School of Applied Psychology, Zurich University

21 Apr 2017, by Team IBA in Upcoming Events

International Conference on

“Advances in Leadership & Management: Merging Eastern & Western Perspectives”

in association with

School of Applied Psychology Zurich University, Switzerland

on 4th – 6th September, 2017


Conference Background and Basic Idea

Societies and economies, particularly in the Eastern parts of our world, are changing dramatically at the beginning of the 21st. century. A young, the new-well-educated generation with outstanding social capabilities is ready to start their journeys in various fields of profession. New forms of organizations have been created and emerged just recently, attempting to reach next generation’s desire for collaboration, productivity as well as relating to their values, social relations and self-realizations. Things are in transition, economic and social orders are in movement. Classic management and leadership models are increasingly not any more sufficient to handle more and more complex circumstances as well as meeting next generation’s requirements. Nor are they powerful enough to address markets and clients which are drifting towards total individualism or complete customizing. This has been well described under the title of «Industry 4.0» (for more details see the reports of World Economic Forum on www.weforum.org). What do the rapid and disruptive changes in industry and economy mean for next generation’s leadership and management approaches? Can we really solve increasingly demanding problems with yesterday’s means? Social innovation within the field of leadership and management itself is inevitable. We would like to search the horizon: which new approaches in leadership and management, in theory and practice do we discover? What might be future models? What is worth to pursue? Who is going to take action? From the conference conveners’ point of view intercultural leadership and management studies would be a good approach to attain understanding of current functional practices – indigenous solutions in connection with respective traditions, philosophies and epistemologies for everyday challenges in leadership and management – and their potential for the future. This conference is to display and connect the most promising from East and West in the context of leadership and management. The conference will cover high end research and advanced practice, which are able to address intelligently today’s and future’s problems of an increasingly complex and changing world. The challenge and the art in doing so will be to find a respective language which is understandable to the scholars and the practitioners by the same time.

Conference Format

This conference is limited to around 20 international scholars with research interest in advances in management and leadership. It is suggested that each scholar may bring 2 to 5 students along. The students will have additional sessions apart from the professors to discuss and create their own unique, and hopefully creative perspectives on the subject. They represent the next generation, therefore they would be given space to think outside of the box and share their creativity as much as possible. Last day of the conference will be devoted to a co-creation Workshop rooted in design thinking to challenge the process of knowledge creation as well as the scholars themselves. The processes of knowledge creation focus on the dialogue among scholars, students, practitioners and other conference participants. This co-creation Workshop on the final day is open to the core group, i.e. all participants who are willing to continue having a dialogue on the conference theme as well as willing to contribute to joint further actions.

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