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Industry Visit: TVS Motors

IE - TVS Motors
28 Nov 2015, by Team IBA in Guest Lectures/Industry Visits

Date: 26th November, 2015

TVS Motor Co Ltd., Hosur Plant

Prof. Muvva Butchi Babu along with students of 2015-17 batch went to the Hosur plant of TVS Motor Co Ltd. They were given a guided tour by Mr. M. Krishna, HR Manager of the plant. TVS Motor company is the third largest two-wheeler manufacturer in India and amongst the top ten in the world, with annual revenue of more than Rs. 10,131 Cr in 2014-15 (around USD 1.6 billion), and is the flagship company of 3 million 2 wheelers & 1.2 lakh 3 wheelers a year. TVS Motor Company Ltd., member of the TVS group, is the largest company of the group in the terms of size and turnover.

Set up in the year 1978, the company was named after the founder Mr. T V Sundaram Iyenger. In 1982, the company had a collaboration with Suzuki when it was renamed as TVS Suzuki and later TVS Motor Company in 2001. TVS follows a Jishu Hozen philosophy, one of the pillars of the Total productive Maintenance.

Out of the 4 manufacturing plants which TVS has, Hosur plant is the mother plant. The other three are in India (Mysore and Himachal) and one in Indonesia (Karavat). The Hosur division within itself has 3 plants. Students visited plant 1 which handles the manufacturing of Mopeds and Scooters. The efficiency of the plant is that it assembles a Moped in every 17 seconds and a Scooter in every 23 seconds.

Very uniquely the Painting Shop in TVS plant works completely on Solar energy and they also have technology for making use of Tidal energy. In case of failure of both, diesel generators are always kept ready as back up. TVS makes use of technology called the “Cofft” which is exclusively owned by TVS. Using this, all the air-conditioners in the plant work on hot vapours and not on electricity.

With respect to work culture, the students felt really impressed about the following observations they made:

  • The company follows a flat hierarchy structure
  • Nobody in the company is supposed to sit in the plant until necessary/required
  • Every new employee no matter which designation, initially has to work for 3 months on the assembly line
  • Every employee including the Chairman takes food in the canteen where self-service format is followed by everyone including washing of one’s own plate as well


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