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International Ramayana Conference – 2015

international ramayana conference
21 Dec 2015, by Team IBA in Conferences

Jointly organized by

AIMS International & Indus Business Academy, Bangalore

Theme: Relevance of Ramayana in Modern Times

Date: 18th – 19th December 2015

The Ramayana Conference emerged as a true guide for successful managers. It all started with a crispy morning when the guests from different corners of the world gathered to barter the knowledgeable information. This four day conference created a platform for many scholars, students, activists, researchers and corporate to have a debate and discussion on the tactics, strategies and teachings of Ramayana and apply them in the modern management system.

The first day brought together many eminent speakers from various places. The session was headed and commenced by Dr. Subhash Sharma, Director – IBA Bangalore who enlightened the minds of people present in the conference with the knowledge of leadership, ethics, consciousness and values prevalent at the time of Rama Rajya and the ways through which these ideas could be applied in the present scenario.

The session then proceeded with speakers like Dr. Meera Chakraborthy who set the example of Balmiki and advised the audience to make decisions which could evolve their personalities, Mr. Chirag talked about Ramacharitamanasa (a widely revered epic poem about the deeds of Lord Rama), Mr. Piyush Kumar spoke about Lord Rama and his leadership qualities that can be applied in the modern times, Mr. Anantha Raj viewed the entire story of Ramayana in three different spectrums of life, Mrs. Bhalla informed about the ethical behavior and whistle blower policy which could be learned from Vibhishan’s approach.

The second day began with paper presentations by speakers like Dr. C Kameswari who focused on the managerial skills which could be acquired through Ramayana, Mrs. Madhuri Mathur gave an Indian world view to Ramayana, Prof. Butchi Babu related Ramayana with strategic management and Dr. N. Sreesha connected Ramayana with the concepts and functions of management.

At the end of both day sessions, the dignitaries were conferred with the certificates and the session chairs were honored with special mementoes as a token of appreciation. The Ramayana conference successfully ended and it helped in understanding the relevance of Ramayana with respect to organization success, positive communication and new perception of management leaving a mark of respect for the greatest Indian epic ever.


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    Organization of this conference was so good. Hospitality is so good that we cannot express our thanks by mere words.

    We would be much more pleased if you upload the photos of this conference in facebook and send the link to us.

  • kapil joshi Reply

    i want soft copy of all the papers presented in 2015 Ramayana conference …… If any one could provide me…..


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