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Kalakshetra 2011

01 Jul 2011, by Team IBA in Kalakshetra

Kalakshetra is similar to projects that one gets in corporate life. The features of such projects are as follows:

  1. Stakes are high: In corporate life, if people do not perform, they get fired. Here students will fail the course.
  2. Stress is high: In corporate life, seniors, colleagues are watching a person. Here too, the seniors, faculty, alumni and batch mates are watching the students.
  3. One cannot choose his team: In corporate life, who joins and who does not is not in one’s control. Hence the team formation is not in their control and they have to work with people who they may personally not sync with. Team formation and synergy is important.
  4. It is of a long duration and not controllable: There are too many variables and people are expected to deliver results, without having everything in control. Sometimes they try to over control and create resistance.
  5. Stakeholder management and status reporting is mandatory. People want to know about issues earlier, rather than later.

This year the students were required to make a 10 minute ‘short’ film on one of the 7 deadly sins (wrath, avarice, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony). They were assigned into Section A & B with 7 groups each with 1 group from each section making separate films on the same sin.

  1. They could only use mobile phone video to make the films. Camcorders were not allowed.
  2. They had to submit all project based documents (Project charter, Work Breakdown structure, Weekly status reports etc.) by the 30th of January 2011.
  3. The video was to be uploaded to Youtube by them and the link to be shared with Prof. Chandra Kant by midnight of 3rd March 2011.
  4. The video link was then circulated to all alumni through Prof. Chandra Kant’s Facebook id to judge the contents.
  5. The criteria for judgement was Impact based on script creativity, acting, as well as using film techniques.

The groups were as follows:

Group Group Name Sin
Latin English
A1 Panache Superbia Pride
A2 Unpredictable Invidia Envy
A3 Synergers Luxuria Lust
A4A5 RainbowFree riders GulaIra GluttonyWrath
A6 Nocturnals Avaritia Greed
A7 Marching Snails Acedia Sloth
B1 Pioneers Acedia Sloth
B2 Stallion Gula Gluttony
B3 Fluvial Luxuria Lust
B4B5 BindassPathfinders SuperbiaIra PrideWrath
B6 Fun Riders Invidia Envy
B7 Nexus Avaritia Greed




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