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Kalakshetra 2013

10 Jul 2013, by Team IBA in Kalakshetra

In all myths and traditions, we focus on those who take action and are responsible for having made things happen. But in reality, the support function is equally important. Not all persons can be leaders, not all persons can be on stage, but these leaders and actors cannot do their stuff if there was no support staff, working behind the scenes.

We sometimes forget to appreciate such people, because we are enamoured by heroes. Women have always been the necessary part of humanity and they have an equal share in moving humanity forward. Although they seem to have been relegated to a secondary position, without their support, nothing would have happened. Sometimes, women have taken their rightful place as leaders and people of action. This year, Kalakshetra focused on womanhood – its abuse, its forgiveness and its redemption. There are many aspects of womanhood that can and should be celebrated, its patience, its nurturing capability and its ability to triumph against all odds.

Kalakshetra, the annual play competition, was even more strenuous than last year. The format was as given below:

  1. The final presentation had to be of 6 minutes duration. They were to be performed at the amphitheatre on 6th April 2013. Except for 2 persons handling sound and 2 persons handling lights, all others should be on stage, performing.
  2. The presentation had to be a dance – drama with no onstage dialogues, no microphones, except for the comparers. Students had to determine a theme, a story and then put this story to a dance sequence for 6 minutes.
  3. They needed to compose their own song and music. This music and song had to be pre-recorded and were to be played during the performance.
  4. The final performance recording with the dubbing will be uploaded to ibasoapbox youtube channel.

At IBA Kalakshetra is not just a drama competition. Most students learn project management in a theoretical framework, about tasks, WBS etc. but are unable to apply in real life. Kalakshetra helps students understand as well as practice project management at the same time.


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