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Orientation Ceremony of 14th Batch

05 Jul 2014, by Team IBA in Orientation

Orientation Ceremony for 14th batch of

“IBA – Bangalore”

3rd July, 2014

“Ya Kundendu E, tushaar Haar dhavala, Ya subhra Vastravita,

Ya Veenaam Vardanamandit karo, Ya Shwet Padmasana,

Ya Bramhachyut Shankar Prabhitibhir, Devai Sada Vandata,

Saa Maa Saraawati Bhagwati, Neeshesh Jaadyapaha”

This auspicious day started with the blessings of “Goddess of Knowledge” after the above mentioned quotes of Saraswati Vandana were chanted by the senior batch students and was honoured by lightening of the lamp by respected dignitaries which filled the aura with purity & peace. It was a beautiful morning of 3rd July 2014 when the whole IBA family gathered to welcome the 14th batch (20014-16) of IBA, Bangalore for starting a new chapter in their life and wishing them all the lucks for the next two years of hard work, determination & perseverance that lay ahead of them. This crucial event is a milestone for the students as it kick starts the 2 years of training they will undergo to become “Future Managers” in the Corporate world. Well known dignitaries of IBA including Shri B.M.L Jain, Chairman – IBA, Dr. Subhash Sharma, Director – IBA and Mr. Manish Jain, CEO – IBA, along with all the faculty & staff members graced the event with their presence. The ceremony started with Dr. M.S. Ramachandra, Principal and Program Director – IBA, welcoming the new students into IBA family. It was followed by Shri B.M.L. Jain and Dr. Subhash Sharma who talked about “Mantras of Success” in the current scenario and explained how management education at IBA helps the cause. Subsequently the members of Faculty and Staff took turns introducing themselves to the new students, who in turn introduced themselves to the gathering. It was now time to end the event by thanking all those who were present which was well presented by Prof. Suresh Chandra with a hope that the new batch will follow in the footsteps of their predecessors to strive hard and raise the bar of academic achievements within and beyond the Institute at various levels.

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