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Skills Enhancement Courses

At IBA we believe in going beyond books and equipping our students with real life skills that turn out to be invaluable in their corporate career. We employ innovative pedagogy to employ these skills – from live debates to producing plays to simulating real world business situation.

Management Skills

IBA believes that confidence to handle life comes from knowledge and skills that use this knowledge. Reading a book on “Driving” is not the same as practicing driving. Management Skills is a set of courses, run by Professor Chandra Kant, that teach students practical corporate skills as follows:

Emotional Intelligence

  • How to control emotions and handle other people’s emotions.
  • Understand how our mind creates negative thoughts and how to handle these thoughts.
  • How to control breath, meditate and be mindfully aware. How to control emotions to do better time management, prioritization of activities and be more productive.

Critical Thinking

  • How to make goal-centric decisions rationally.
  • How to come up with creative solutions.
  • How to remove subjective bias from decision making.
  • Understand why we make wrong decisions.

Convincing People

  • Understand people’s motivation.
  • How to sell your ideas to others.
  • How to generate leads, get appointments and sell face-to-face.


  • Understanding the difference between bargaining and negotiation.
  • How to create a win-win situation for all parties.

Strategic Thinking

  • Understand and use the principles of strategic management to determine success in your own life.

Project Management and Effective Execution

  • Understanding and use of soft skills to motivate team members for improved productivity
  • Understanding the link between people, processes and technology to effectively execute projects towards stakeholder satisfaction
  • Understanding and handling the risks associated with the delivery of any project based initiative

Transition Management

  • How to prepare for and adjust to inevitable changes (good or bad) in our life and our careers.
  • Understanding the change management process.
  • Understanding what will happen in corporate life and what a student can do to be most effective.

Kalakshetra (Live Project management)

All their academic life, students have been taught to compete with others. Students do not really learn how to work in groups, towards a predefined objective. This, however, is an essential skill for success in corporate life. Kalakshetra is a platform for students to learn team management while doing a cultural activity.

At IBA, students in first year are grouped randomly to stage a set of short duration plays on a theme, the performance of which is judged by the seniors, the alumni and the faculty. This allows them to understand the concept of team formation, to learn each other’s strengths and use these qualities and their creativity to produce a play. They learn to compete with other teams but coordinate with them for common infrastructure requirements as well a budget management. Enacting a play requires back-end coordination which teaches them the important of timing and support. They have to act in front of an audience which teaches them confidence and to face their fears. It also teaches them that when team members work together, they can create something awe-inspiring. Students remember the lessons of Kalakshetra more than any theoretical class on Project Management.IBA is possibly the only Institute which uses plays to teach project management and team building as part of MBA skills.

Capstone® – Business Simulation Program

Capstone® Business Simulation programs are a jump-start for leadership development. They enhance and bring alive business understanding and create competent, confident and astute business professionals. The program provides participants with a clearer and holistic understanding of core business dynamics, a sound understanding of financial objectives and metrics, and lays the groundwork for smart, business-savvy decision making that will favorably impact your company’s productivity and profitability.

Some High Level Outcomes:

  • Improved market-based decision making skills and business acumen.
  • Usable financial literacy: a compelling understanding of how various functional decisions effect the numbers.
  • Improved cross-functional collaboration and teamwork.
  • Ability to balance the daily tactical pressures with strategic initiatives.
  • Improved problem-solving based on customer needs, competitor information and company data.
  • Gain insights that challenge your assumptions: forward thinking individuals.
  • Clearer understanding of and alignment with the company’s strategy.
  • Ability to define and/or clarify specific bottom line performance expectations and objectives related to profitability and other measureable business drivers.

Capstone Business Simulation provides the rare opportunity to experience running a complete business, with the benefit of reports that show clear correlations between management decisions and outcomes.

Yes+ Programme

Conducted at the Art of Living International Centre, Bangalore; YES+ programme is a dynamic course for college students and young professionals that gives them a boost of energy and trains them to get the most out of life. The programme teaches them how to be productive and dynamic while staying cool and centred. The students learn techniques like Powerful breathing techniquesYogaMeditation and Practical wisdom for the modern world which they take back home, incorporate them in their daily lives, and as a result, experience a range of benefits. The programme is widely regarded for strengthening Leadership skills, enhancing Memory & Concentration, Stress and Anxiety relief, Increase in productivity as well as Self Confidence.

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification by KPMG

Six Sigma is a management methodology meant to drive process improvements in the organization through quantitative approach. In today’s business environment there is a lot of focus on business strategy formulation, but there seems to be lack in the strategy execution model. But, reaching pinnacles of business success is fostered not only by clear business strategies but also helping to ensuring that such strategies are effectively implemented. KPMG facilitates this globally recognized course through which, students get to know the process of effectively implementing the strategies through methodical improvement programs based on Six Sigma methodology, Project Management techniques and the Define – Measure – Analyse – Improve – Control (DMAIC) approach. The students gain a conceptual clarity regarding identification and prioritising various projects across areas as well as learn the Six Sigma cycle to help derive solutions for a business problem using statistical tools and techniques.

Advanced Placement & Training Programme (APTP)

At IBA placements is not a seasonal task but instead a process that is initiated by means of Advanced Placement & Training Programme (APTP) right from the day when the student joins for the course. An exclusive Placement Team has been developed to serve this purpose which comprises of select students along with the Placement officers.

  • The team builds an interface between Institute and Industries
  • Prepares students for Aptitude Tests, Group Discussion and Mock Interviews to gain confidence, diminish nervousness, hone their responses and think on their feet
  • Offers personal support systems and work directly with the students keeping their interests and goals in mind
  • Groom students to meet the expectation levels of the Corporate world.

Peregrine Academic Services

Peregrine Academic Services is a Global Education Support which provides a variety of Academic oriented programs with quality assurance. This helps a student for Educational transition which occurs for a student when moved to Higher Level Programs such Post Graduate in Management. This is a module-based program that is entirely online and includes online instructional content and online testing. Each of these options allows the student to academically transition more effectively to the next higher level.

SAP ERP Course

The SAP ERP course in the institute’s alliance offers a dynamic curriculum to students which is at par with the ERP industry that enhances their employability as desired by the recruiters and provides the students with robust employment avenues. It is an extremely rich Business Process course which employees of all SAP customers, across industries are required to take for adapting to the SAP platform easily. Students from all disciplines benefit immensely from the course as it gives exhaustive understanding of Business Process common across Industry verticals. It sharpens the business process acumen of students, thereby helping them advance in their professional lives faster.

OBSM (Overseas Business Studies Mission)

For Post graduate management students it is very important to have meaningful International exposure so as to have a global perspective, learn from the best practices internationally, identify business opportunities for entrepreneurial ventures and work towards developing a leading edge in their career or ventures in the future.

Every year at IBA, top 100 performers in Academics at the end of 1st year are given an opportunity for the International Study Tour also known as OBSM. During the OBSM, students visit B-Schools and corporations in countries like Singapore, Malaysia, etc. The tour is a combination of site visits and talks by top executives of the core management disciplines that students study. It provides an opportunity for students to see the business action live which gives them a chance to immerse themselves into the business environment of International Corporations. This tour is a new window of learning the knowledge and techniques followed by International practitioners – academic as well as corporate.

Foreign Language Training

In a country like India and an institute like IBA (which is popularly called as mini-‘Indiapura’ because of students from all the communities, backgrounds and almost all states), multilingual experience is the norm and learning new languages is often an unconscious process. The Foreign Language Training at IBA provides an option to choose any one of the foreign language (German, French, etc.) and offers a platform to the students in sensitizing themselves to languages used world over. The programme is a result of the combined efforts of a set of highly motivated teachers and successive batches of students who, despite a demanding academic schedule, show a keen interest in enriching their multilingual repertoire. Many of our students opt for the foreign language experience as it prepares them for professional interactions with users of these languages the world over both in corporate and academic settings and a sizeable proportion of students get jobs with Multi-National Companies which helps them to succeed in these environments.

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