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8th IBA International Conference

28 Mar 2016, by Team IBA in Conferences

Theme: Taking India to Greater Heights

Date: 24th – 26th March 2016

India’s journey since independence has been eventful. The long struggle against colonialism left Indian private capital in a poor state. The Government intervention was essential and hence there was a need for the public sector. Experiments with socialism and national planning turned out to be a mixed success. The 1991 crisis propelled India towards a market driven economy. Politically, its unpopularity reverted India to a state of socialism once again. The 2014 elections have renewed interest in a market driven economy.

Indian achievements have been sizable. The successful Mars Mission, Agni mission, Green Revolution, White Revolution, IT industry growth all demonstrate the positive achievements that India has made in the last 60 odd years. In recent months, across the world, there is a renewed interest in India.

Yet we can hardly be complacent. The lowering oil prices, conflict in the Middle East, slowdown in Chinese economy, fears of Russian expansionism, decline in European growth, concerns about the state of US economy and rising trends in terrorism have created turbulence across different parts of the world.  India cannot be immune to these changes.

India’s response can manifest itself in multiple forms. There could be rapid expansion of defence procurement and preparedness both on external as well as internal fronts. It could involve building alliances with countries aligned strategically to India’s interests.

It could manifest through the rapid growth of manufacturing sector. The services sector could move higher in the value chain. The spill overs generated by the establishment of industries could spawn a major entrepreneurial ecosystem.

With the UN approval to celebrate International Yoga Day, India’s soft spiritual power is also rising in the horizon. Indian philosophical and ideological thoughts are getting renewed interest across different parts of the world. Indian talent, youth demographics etc. have literally placed India on the centre stage. No doubt, exciting times are ahead.

This 8th IBA International Conference was attempt to bring to light and deliberate on such changes and suggest ways and means to leverage this growing interest in India and identify the new perspectives emerging in Business, Management, Leadership and Consciousness as a result of these changes.

The dignitaries and speakers for the conference included the likes of Prof. H S Shivaprakash, (Sahitya Academy Award Winner), Shri B M L Jain (Chairman, IBA), Dr. Subhash Sharma (Director, IBA Bangalore), Prof. Siddartha Shastri (Banasthali Vidyapith), Prof. K B Akhilesh (IISc Bangalore), Prof. Ananta Giri (MIDS), Mr. Ravijot Singh, Ms. Temsutula Imsong, Mr. Imran Khan and Mr. Yusuf Unjhawala (Editor, Defense forum of India).

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