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Convocation Ceremony for Class of 2012

30 Sep 2012, by Team IBA in Convocation

Convocation Ceremony for 10th batch of


29th September, 2012

“Ya Kundendu E, tushaar Haar dhavala, Ya subhra Vastravita,

Ya Veenaam Vardanamandit karo, Ya Shwet Padmasana,

Ya Bramhachyut Shankar Prabhitibhir, Devai Sada Vandata,

Saa Maa Saraawati Bhagwati, Neeshesh Jaadyapaha”


It was a beautiful afternoon of 29th Sept, 2012 when the whole IBA family gathered to congratulate the 10th batch (2010-12) of Indus Business Academy, Bangalore for passing out successfully and wishing them all the lucks for their future endeavors. This auspicious day started with the blessings of “Goddess of Knowledge” after the above mentioned quotes of Saraswati Vandana were chanted by students which filled the aura with purity & peace. This magnificent event symbolizes “A new beginning” in the corporate world and was honored by lightening of the lamp. Mr. H.K Agrawal was the chief guest for the day. Mr. Agrawal is presently the Director at Cosmos Film Ltd. and was formerly with Atomic Energy Commission, planning commission of India and SRF Ltd. Mr. K.R Parmesvar who is the Advisor, UCAL Fuel Systems & Quest and Former, Exe. Director- B.H.E.L and Former Advisor to Planning Commission of India as well as Former Director of ISI, India was the guest of Honor. Well known dignitaries of IBA including Mr. B.M.L Jain – Chairman, IBA, Dr. Subhash Sharma, Director – IBA, Mr. Manish Jain, CEO, IBA, Mr. Hriday Mohan Jain & Mr. Pradeep Kumar, Governing council member along with all the faculty members graced the event with their presence. The ceremony started with the welcome speech by Mr. Manish Jain followed by addressing the gathering by Mr. B.M L Jain, Chairman – IBA and other speakers on dais. Students graduated with flying colors and the same proud was visible on their as well as their parent’s faces. Several students received various awards & Scholarships including Dr. Anil Agrawal’s Memorial Award worth Rs. 25,000/-which was grabbed by Mr. Srinivas of 2010-12 Batch, every student was conferred their degree certificate by Mr. Agrawal with a ray of hope to see them at top levels of different capacities in the new world, that they were stepping into. As our slogan goes “Think Beyond.. Think IBA”, the significance was well demonstrated by the Batch 10-12. It was now time to end the event by thanking all those who were present which was well presented by Prof. Ramesh with a hope that the passing out batch will make their Alma Mater proud at different levels.


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