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Guest Lecture – Future of Business Graduates in India

Mr. Girnarayanan-1
29 Jul 2013, by Team IBA in Guest Lectures/Industry Visits

DATE : 27th July, 2013

Mr. Girinarayan, Director – HR at GE Energy, Power Electronics addressed IBA students about The Future of Business Graduates in India. He opened his talk by introducing himself to the audience. He questioned the students as to what do they want? Observing the obscureness among the students; he took to start with a story of a rabbit.

Peer pressure, lack of knowledge or information, parental pressure and lack of resources were his elaborate points which he had tapered from his experience. The virtual presentation had developed a visual scenario in the minds of the audience as they were able to relate it with ease. He presented an eye popping statistic regarding the need for skilled people .The statistics revealed that there would be 15 million jobs available by 2020.

The quotes of Bill Gates and Hrithik Roshan revived the enthusiasm; as he took the opportunity to convey the message – “The attention given to the top talents distinguishes the top 20 companies from their competitors”.

The ends were met when he stated that a student will be successful in corporate life if he knows the “mantra of success” i.e. Knowing yourself, Being aware about your career& take action. The event concluded with a token of gratitude by Ms. Richa and Prof. Soumya C.S. to Mr.Girinarayan.


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